A really simple way to cook your christmas turkey.

Don’t be alarmed by the shortness of the cooking times… if you follow them, you’ll have a perfectly cooked bird, provided it’s at room temperature when you begin.

Remove the giblets as soon as you get the bird home, rinse under the cold tap, cover and stick in the fridge for making your gravy with. Before you put the bird in the fridge, wash it inside with cold water, drain and blot dry with kitchen towels.

It’s important to take the turkey out of the fridge a good couple of hours before you start cooking it, so it’s at room temperature when you begin. Check the weight of the bird and work out the cooking time from the information below.

                                                   4-5.0kg (10lb)            2 Hours

                                                   5.5-6kg (13lb)            2 Hours 35 Minutes

                                                   7-7.5kg (16lb)            2 Hours 45 Minutes

Preheat the oven to 200°c/gas 6.

Rub the turkey breast with a little butter, or brush with goose fat. Put the turkey, breast down, in the roasting tin; there are some crucial fat deposits in the back of the turkey and this allows them to percolate through the breast meat.

Keep the oven at 200°c/gas 6 for the first 30 minutes, then turn it down to 180°c/gas 4 for the remaining cooking time, basting at least once. Turn the bird the right way up for the last half hour to brown, basting again first.

To see if the turkey is ready, poke a skewer where the meat is at its thickest – behind the knee joint of the thigh. The juices should run clear.

It makes life easier if you have the turkey sitting somewhere to rest while you fiddle with everything else. I leave it quite happily for about an hour or so in the roasting tin, tented with foil. It won’t get cold as long as its not in a draught. It’ll be easier to carve and, while it sits, it will ooze lovely juices which you can add to the gravy.


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