The Ultimate Steak Box

The Ultimate steak box contains six of the most popular steaks all from locally reared, native beef.

All the steaks are 250g and aged for a minimum of 28 days or until we think they are at there very best.


Beef rib eye is undoubtedly the steak for those who love their meat with a healthy amount of marbling and a fuller flavour, . Its muscle structure and ratio of fat makes the taste second to none.


A great all-rounder, this steak has a firm texture adding character to the cut, rump has a subtle flavour but thanks to its sweet external covering and ageing process it still tastes fantastic.  Rump is a the leanest of the steaks (except fillet) making it the most popular. We cut our rumps thicker ensuring they can be cooked to your liking without sacrificing its succulence.


Sirloin is taken from the middle of the back section, with the perfect amount of marbling and a slightly less firmer texture than the rump the sirloin has not only a beautiful flavour but is lovely and tender. With an extra level of external fat to crisp up to add a sweet, buttery sometimes nutty flavour.


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