Large Free Range Bronze Turkey (7kg - 7.5kg)

This size turkey will easily feed up to 14 people or 10 with lots of leftovers.

Potash Farm, free-range bronze turkeys are the only turkey in the country to have won a ‘Three Gold Star Great Taste Award’ in 2019! This is a fantastic testament to the animal husbandry and traditional, simple farming approach Caroline and Jonathon take when it comes to their bronze beauties!

The ‘Bronze’ turkey is a slower grown breed that love to roam free around the orchards and fields on Potash Farm tucked away in Gubblecote, near Tring. The birds are allowed to grow to full maturity helping to develop into a succulent flavoursome bird.

The turkeys are prepared by hand, by dry plucking, which is slow and labour intensive. However, because the turkey is kept dry, they are able to be hung for an extended period like any other game bird. Hanging is one of the main reasons why these turkeys taste so great, it creates both a truly tender eating experience and an altogether superior depth of flavour.

No more can be done to improve the welfare and happiness of this turkey in the field or the superior eating quality once on the table.


Delivery on 22nd and 23rd December.